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    Things to Know About Second Hand Armored Cars

    With the rise in crime rates, concern with safety is also rising. And a very popular safety measure today is bulletproof cars. Popularity of the armored car is ever rising and they are being manufactured by the leading car manufacturers of the world. Brazil too has started being aware of this issue and is getting increasingly impatient with the thought of being shot at while driving.

    Cheaper Alternative

    Unfortunately, bulletproof cars have always been a thing for the rich and powerful. So Brazilians with their stagnant economy might find it hard to purchase let alone manufacture such cars. However, second hand cars are always a money saver.

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    Many are opting for this option as safety remains an issue for many. An anonymous second hand armored car purchaser shared his story of being robbed once when he stopped at a red light. Ever since that incident he has been very alert. And now that he is a father he feels the necessity to stay all the more protected. But being a regular man with a decent yet limited income, he cannot afford a brand new armored car. So he has opted for a second hand one. Modification costs are affordable, and are similar to purchasing of another additional vehicle. If you go for a car that is already used and armored, the cost will be brought down by 10 to 40 percent.

    Brazil has a successful car armoring business, but unfortunately they have been going through a rough patch in terms of economy. Brazil is a country of violence and unrest, and researches show that armored vehicles is usually bought by middle class people located in Sao Paulo which however is a calmer region compared to other parts of the country.

    Sao Paulo accounts for almost three quarters of the armoring work, and also contains the largest number of bulletproofed vehicles in the country. However second hand vehicles are the entire trend in this place. Different armored car sellers and manufacturers are of the opinion that used cars have a good business here. In 2016, brand new cars dropped in sales, this is proof enough for the fact that used cars are taking up the entire car business by storm.

    Money is the biggest issue here. With all the safety and security features, including bulletproofing it is no wonder the prices are so high that only extremely rich and the powerful whose safety might actually be threatened go for this car. Government officials, CEOs of big companies, politicians, these are usually the kind of purchasers of bulletproof cars.

    There are people who buy regular cars but then get armoring work done to them, but they too are often searching for good deals.

    But having said it all, the question remains, do they actually need an armored car? A lot of people are of the opinion that showing off their status comes into play when buying armored vehicles. But being a third world country, it is not possible for everyone to afford a bulletproof car, and that does give a sense of inequality.